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Preseason Schedules Released - all Atom, PeeWee, Bantam and Midget Tiers

Preseason Schedules have been loaded for all Atom, PeeWee, Bantam and Midget Tiers.All TBA games need to be scheduled and completed prior to the deadl...

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Hello everyone,


I hope everyone is doing good and settling into another fun year of hockey. 


I believe hockey and more importantly the enjoyment of the players is important to all of us.  If it wasn't why else would we volunteer our time?  Without Head Coaches, Managers, Coaches and Trainers our kids wouldn't be able to play the great game of hockey in an organized league.  We do it for the kids.  


Sometimes, for whatever reason, we lose perspective of why we volunteer our time.  When this happens the consequences usually have little to no impact.  On occasion the consequences can very much have an impact but in a way we never intended.  I want to take the time today to remind all of you about why we volunteer.


When a team plays a game, home or away, they are only as good as the conduct that they display.  This includes the players, Coaching staff and Managers.  The behavior we display on the bench, on the ice, in the locker room, stands or lobby is a reflection of your team and community as a whole.  As a member of a team you are an Ambassador for your team and your community.  Your behavior represents your team. 


As the home team you’re hosting the away team.  The away team is your guest.  Both hosts and guests should keep this in mind when at the arena.  This is an exciting sport and emotions do get the best of us now and then.  Let’s all try to make this season the best we can by working together so that the kids can have the best possible chance at fun and success.


If someone is out of control, being abusive, yelling or displaying other questionable behavior then you may have to call the RCMP.  Try to calm the situation down as best you can.  In the end let’s all try to be civil to one another.

Heading into this season I would like all of you Manager's to forward this email to your Coaching Staff.  Email it to your parents and players too if you choose to do so. 

Thanks so much let's all have a great season! 


Atom Tier 1Camrose Atom 1
Drayton Valley Atom 1
Fort Saskatchewan Atom 1
Leduc Atom 1
Stony Plain Atom 1
Strathcona Atom 1

Wetaskiwin Atom 1

Atom Tier 2Barrhead Atom 1
CNN Atom 1
CR Atom 1
Devon Atom 1
Fort Saskatchewan Atom 2
Strathcona Atom 2
Sturgeon Atom 1
Thorsby Atom 1
Vegreville Atom 1
Westlock Atom 1

Atom Tier 3Camrose Atom 2
CR Atom 2
Drayton Valley Atom 2
Fort Saskatchewan Atom 3
Josephburg Atom 1
Leduc Atom 2
New Sarepta Atom 1
Onoway Atom 1
Redwater Atom 1
Stony Plain Atom 2
Strathcona Atom 3
Tofield Atom 1
Wabamun Atom 1
Winfield Atom 1

Atom Tier 4Camrose Atom 3
Devon Atom 2
Leduc Atom 3
Millet Atom 1
Mundare Atom 1
Smoky Lake Atom 1
Stony Plain Atom 3
Strathcona Atom 4
Sturgeon Atom 2
Thorhild Atom 1
Thorsby Atom 2
Wetaskiwin Atom 2

Atom Tier 5ACalmar Atom 1
CNN Atom 2
Fort Saskatchewan Atom 4A
Fort Saskatchewan Atom 4B
Fort Saskatchewan Atom 4C
Lamont Atom 1
Leduc Atom 4A
Leduc Atom 4B
New Sarepta Atom 2
Pembina Atom 1
Strathcona Atom 5F
Vegreville Atom 2
Westlock Atom 2A
Westlock Atom 2B

Atom Tier 5BBarrhead Atom 2
Camrose Atom 4A
Camrose Atom 4B
Camrose Atom 4F
CR Atom 3
Devon Atom 3
Drayton Valley Atom 3
Millet Atom 2
Onoway Atom 2
Stony Plain Atom 4A
Stony Plain Atom 4B
Strathcona Atom 5A
Strathcona Atom 5B
Thorsby Atom 3
Tofield Atom 2
Wabamun Atom 2
Wetaskiwin Atom 3

PeeWee Tier 2CR PeeWee 1
Devon PeeWee 1
Drayton Valley 1
Leduc PeeWee 1
Stony Plain PeeWee 1
Strathcona PeeWee 1
Sturgeon PeeWee 1
Wabamun PeeWee 1
Westlock PeeWee 1
Wetaskiwin PeeWee 1

PeeWee Tier 3Camrose PeeWee 1
CNN PeeWee 1
Fort Saskatchewan PeeWee 1
New Sarepta PeeWee 1
Stony Plain PeeWee 2
Strathcona PeeWee 2A
Strathcona PeeWee 2B
Thorsby PeeWee 1
Tofield PeeWee 1
Vegreville PeeWee 1

PeeWee Tier 4Barrhead PeeWee 1
Camrose PeeWee 2
CR PeeWee 2
Devon PeeWee 2
Fort Saskatchewan PeeWee 2
Lamont PeeWee 1
Leduc PeeWee 2
Onoway PeeWee 1
Thorhild PeeWee 1
Westlock PeeWee 2

PeeWee Tier 5AFort Saskatchewan PeeWee 3A
Fort Saskatchewan PeeWee 3B
Fort Saskatchewan PeeWee 3C
Millet PeeWee 1
New Sarepta PeeWee 2
Smoky Lake PeeWee 1
Strathcona PeeWee 3F
Vegreville PeeWee 2

PeeWee Tier 5BCamrose PeeWee 3A
Camrose PeeWee 3B
CNN PeeWee 2
Devon PeeWee 3
Drayton Valley PeeWee 2
Fort Saskatchewan PeeWee 4F
Leduc PeeWee 3A
Leduc PeeWee 3B
Pembina PeeWee 1
Stony Plain PeeWee 3A
Stony Plain PeeWee 3B
Strathcona PeeWee 4A
Strathcona PeeWee 4B
Sturgeon PeeWee 2
Thorsby PeeWee 2
Wabamun PeeWee 2
Wetaskiwin PeeWee 2

Bantam Tier 2 (Interlock)Athabasca Bantam 1
CR Bantam 1
Devon Bantam 1
Drayton Valley Bantam 1
Edson Bantam 1
Fort Saskatchewan Bantam 1
Jasper Bantam 1
Slave Lake Bantam 1
Stony Plain Bantam 1
Strathcona Bantam 1
Sturgeon Bantam 1
Whitecourt Bantam 1

Bantam Tier 3Barrhead Bantam 1
Camrose Bantam 1
Leduc Bantam 1
Strathcona Bantam 2
Thorsby Bantam 1
Westlock Bantam 1
Wetaskiwin Bantam 1

Bantam Tier 4Andrew Bantam 1
Camrose Bantam 2A
Camrose Bantam 2B
CNN Bantam 1
Devon Bantam 2
Drayton Valley Bantam 2
Fort Saskatchewan Bantam 2A
Fort Saskatchewan Bantam 2B
Fort Saskatchewan Bantam 2C
Lamont Bantam 1
Leduc Bantam 2
New Sarepta Bantam 1
Onoway Bantam 1
Redwater Bantam 1
Smoky Lake Bantam 1
Stony Plain Bantam 2
Strathcona Bantam 3
Sturgeon Bantam 2
Thorsby Bantam 2
Tofield Bantam 1
Vegreville Bantam 1
Wabamun Bantam 1
Wetaskiwin Bantam 2

Midget Tier 3 (interlock)Athabasca Midget 1
Barrhead Midget 1
Camrose Midget 1
CR Midget 1
Devon Midget 1
Drayton Valley Midget 1 (opted out)
Edson Midget 1
Jasper Midget 1
Lamont Midget 1
Strathcona Midget 1
Thorsby Midget 1

Midget Tier 4CNN Midget 1
Fort Saskatchewan Midget 1
Leduc Midget 1
Redwater Midget 1
Smoky Lake Midget 1
Strathcona Midget 2
Wabamun Midget 1
Westlock Midget 1

Midget Tier 5Barrhead Midget 2
Calmar Midget 1
Camrose Midget 2
Drayton Valley Midget 2

 New Sarepta Midget 1
Onoway Midget 1
Strathcona Midget 3
Sturgeon Midget 1
Tofield Midget 1
Vegreville Midget 1
Wetaskiwin Midget 1
Winfield Midget 1 

2015-2016 Hockey Season
NoviceSenior GovernorJason Kowal780 818-6010SGN@1660.ab.ca
Novice Tier 1Troy Patten780 514-6572NT1@1660.ab.ca
Novice Tier 2Ryan Campbell780 850-7378NT3@1660.ab.ca
Novice Tier 3Cathy Farnell780 719-1948NT3@1660.ab.ca
Novice Tier 4AKarri McClelland780 966-2009NT4A@1660.ab.ca
Novice Tier 4BPaul Hiemstra780 396-9327NT4B@1660.ab.ca
Novice Tier 5ARandy Lamash780 603-1331NT5A@1660.ab.ca
Novice Tier 5BAshley Howard780 271-9724NT5B@1660.ab.ca
AtomSenior GovernorJudy Tollenaar780 975-6017SGA@1660.ab.ca
Atom Tier 1Tim Harris780 850-1965AT1@1660.ab.ca
Atom Tier 2Cory Martin780 991-4352AT2@1660.ab.ca
Atom Tier 3Amanda Karl780 977-0389AT3@1660.ab.ca
Atom Tier 4AKent Swanson780 554-5368AT4A@1660.ab.ca
Atom Tier 4BRyan Reynolds587 280-2043AT4B@1660.ab.ca
Atom Tier 5AChad Lalonde780 898-1660AT5A@1660.ab.ca
Atom Tier 5BRandy Gabel780 954-2154AT5B@1660.ab.ca
PeeWeeSenior GovernorDrew Hiltz780-987-4799SGPW@1660.ab.ca
PeeWee Tier 2Monique Perrott780 298-9814PWT2@1660.ab.ca
PeeWee Tier 3Brad Sharrun780 967-0215PWT3@1660.ab.ca
PeeWee Tier 4AShawn Lauer780 717-0231PWT4A@1660.ab.ca
PeeWee Tier 4BKelly Montgomery780 521-1571PWT4B@1660.ab.ca
PeeWee Tier 5Matt Rosenberger780 307-4445PWT5@1660.ab.ca
BantamSenior GovernorChad Kellgren780 898-0148SGB@1660.ab.ca
Bantam Tier 2Bill Kutz780 699-1136BT2@1660.ab.ca
Bantam Tier 3Derek Knight780 886-4716BT3@1660.ab.ca
Bantam Tier 4Trevor Palmer780 686-5107BT4@1660.ab.ca
Bantam Tier 5Jason Pope587 991-4228BT5@1660.ab.ca
MidgetSenior GovernorPaul Pinault780 923-3979SGM@1660.ab.ca
Midget Tier 3Greg Hicks780 996-8350MT3@1660.ab.ca
Midget Tier 4Paul Hanson587 873-4018MT4@1660.ab.ca
Midget Tier 5Nicole Suchy780 663-2151MT5@1660.ab.ca

Timeline 2015 - 2016 Season
Sept. 21 Preseason schedules released Atom Tier 1/ 2, Peewee, Bantam, Midget Tier 2 and 3
Sept. 26 All ice times submitted
Sept. 28 Preseason schedules released all other Atom, Peewee, Bantam and Midget Tiers.
Oct 1Preseason begins Atom Tier 1/ 2, Peewee, Bantam, Midget Tier 2/ 3.
Oct 5Novice Preseason schedule released 96 weeks)
Oct 8Preseason begins all other Atom, Peewee, Bantam and Midget Tiers.
Oct 16Preseason begins All Novice
Oct 18Preseason ends Atom Tier 1/ 2, Peewee, Bantam, Midget Tier 2/ 3
Oct 19Tiering meeting Atom Tier 1/ 2, Peewee, Bantam, and Midget Tier 2/3 - Fort Saks, Dow, Lions Pride
Oct 211st wkend of 3 wk regular season posted Atom Tier 1/ 2, PeeWee, Bantam, and Midget Tier 2/ 3
Oct 22Regular season Begins Atom Tier 1/ 2, Peewee, Bantam, and Midget Tier 2/ 3
Oct 233 week regular season schedule released Atom 1/ 2, Peewee, Bantam, Midget 2/3
Oct 25Preseason ends all other Atom, Peewee, Bantam and Midget Tiers
Oct 26Tiering meeting all other Atom, Peewee, Bantam and Midget Tiers - Fort Sask, Dow , Lions Pride
Oct 281st wkend of 3 wk regular season posted for all other Atom, Peewee, Bantam and Midget Tiers
Oct 29Regular season begins all other Bantam and Midget Tiers
Oct 30Regular season (3 week) schedule all other Atom, Peewee, Bantam and Midget Tiers
Nov 2Last date for team movement all other Atom 1/2, Peewee, Bantam and Midget 2/3
Nov 6Full schedule released Atom Tier 1 and 2, Peewee, Bantam, and Midget Tier 2 and 3.
Nov 9Last date for team movement all other Atom, Peewee, Bantam & Midget tiers
Nov 13Full schedule released all other Atom, Peewee, Bantam and Midget Tiers
Nov 16Last date for team movement Novice
Nov 20Full schedule released all Novice
Nov 22Novice preseason ends
Nov 27Novice Regular season begins
Dec 4Proposed playoff formats released
Jan 7Approved playoff formats released
Feb 21Regular season ends all leagues
Feb 22Playoffs begin all leagues
Mar 20Playoffs end all leagues
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