Hello Everyone,

Well as we move into the first round of playoffs we would like to remind you of a couple of things.

1. Over the past weekend and exuberant amount of incident reports were submitted. With one final weekend left in regular season play and many teams still in provincials play downs, we need to remind our coaches and players to keep a level head. Suspensions are recorded and do carry over from playoffs to provincials and into the next season.


2. We cannot stress enough that you all MUST be aware and educate yourselves regarding the Play-off Regulations as well as things such as the use of affiliates in the playoffs. It is your responsibility to know the rules and if you have any questions please contact your governor. PLEASE READ!!!!! 

3. Scheduling of playoff games:

The following information is to describe the process of determining Game dates, times and arenas. PLEASE read over.

Step 1:

As a manager/coach you learn of your opponent for a play-off round as shown on the website. You are required to work in conjunction and cooperate with the other team manager to find suitable dates for the required games. This will likely involve discussions between managers and then between managers and ice schedulers.

Step 2:

Once dates have been agreed upon, fill in and complete individual game change forms indicating time - date - venue and submit. He/She will approve the forms & add/edit this information to the website. The first round of games are already on the website, however, the Governor will add the Time and Location where the game is to be played.

These forms are to be filled in electronically and circulated to the Governor then back to the Managers.

Step 3:

Once games have been completed, it is important to upload the gamesheet within 24hrs, sot he website can be updated. Be sure to download and print the regulations which available on the 1660 Website and have them with you at all times during the playoffs for reference.


4. Among others, please note the following MUST be completed:

h) The 1660 insists that coaches, on ice officials and off ice officials discuss ice slot length, clock management and frequency of floods before every game. The agreed game management can only be changed by the two coaches and the referee unless unforeseen or special circumstances arise. In this case the referee will have the final say in the game management for the completion of the game. Both the Home and Away coaches are responsible to complete this process. Every 1660 game shall ensure that a minimum of the final 3 minutes (preferably 5 minutes) at the end of any game shall be played stop time (time permitting). Game management agreements must allow for this time and the time may be adjusted to ensure that this is completed to be able to complete this within the allotted time slot. During the regular season only, if the ice slot time is running short, the clock may be adjusted to runtime only if the goal differential is 3 goals or more. All teams must ensure that the run time is adjusted, if necessary, to ensure that the stop time can be played.


i) As per Hockey Canada and Hockey Alberta rules, teams are allowed one 30 second time-out per game within 1660 regular season or playoff games. When a time-out is called during run-time the clock shall be stopped until the next drop of the puck.

5. Please make yourself aware of the 
regulations regarding the use of affiliates in the playoffs as well. We did have a couple of unfortunate incidents last year that CAN be avoided.

6. Finally please read the following regarding the playoffs including the overtime format. Please ensure that all teams have a copy of this with them for all Playoff games. Particular note is that Round Robin Games can NOT end in a tie.


Regular Season Standings Tie-Breaker   When teams in any tier or division are tied for points in the final (official) standings of the regular season, the following tie-breaker procedure will apply:


                        1st)       Team with most wins overall

         2nd)     Team with the best record between the tied teams

                        3rd)      Team with the highest goal ratio using the following formula:                                   

Formula = total goals for divided by total goals for plus total goals against;


                        4th)      Team with lowest penalty minutes accumulated        

                        5th)      Single toss of a coin by the Tier Governor.


a) Teams MUST COMPLETE THEIR REGULAR SEASON SCHEDULE to be eligible to compete in any play-off.

b) The playoff formats were loaded on the website in January for review. The formats will be updated throughout the playoffs.

c) The 1660 encourages tournament style formats, for consolation and even championship play-offs when appropriate.

d) Any team not wishing to participate in any play-off for whatever reason, MUST notify in writing, with permission from their association's president, their respective league governor. This request must be made prior to February 1st.

e) The 1660 will provide at least one banner to the winner of each tier championship and consolation play-off. This may vary depending on the play-off format, number of teams and splitting tiers. The 1660 league will also provide nineteen 1660 mini banner replicas to all Division Champions.

f) If, after the first game of a two game total point series, there is a 10 goal or more differential the series will be considered complete unless BOTH teams agree, in writing, to play the second game.

g) Play-off game or series TIE-BREAKER When teams in any tier or division involved in a playoff series, are tied at the end of regulation time of a game in which the outcome is required to decide the series or tournament winner, the tie breaker procedure will be as follows;

  • Overtime will consist of a 5 minute stop time period, sudden victory. Teams play with a full complement of players on the ice (5 players plus a goaltender or 6 skaters). All penalties remain in effect. Teams do not change ends.
  • If score remains tied, there will be a shootout. Home team decides which team shoots first. Each team alternates shots through 3 players. If still tied, teams will alternate 1 player at a time until a winner is decided.
  • No player may shoot a second time until all players on the team have shot once.
  • Players who still have time remaining on penalties at the end of the overtime period must remain on the penalty bench until the completion of the shoot out and are not allowed to participate in the shoot out. This includes misconducts. No player that has been ejected from the game due to penalty or stick infractions may participate in the shoot out.
  • Teams must use a goaltender to defend during the shoot out.
  • Scorekeepers will note on the score sheet the number of each player who takes part in the shoot out in order and indicate whether the shot was successful or not.
  • A copy of the overtime format and the shoot out format must be posted in the Officials dressing room (Referees' Room), and a copy must be available at the scorekeeper's bench. (penalty box). Attaching it to the score book is acceptable.
  • Failure to comply with the overtime and shoot out rules may result in forfeiture and coaches may be liable for further sanctions or suspension.

h) Play-off round-robin-standings TIE-BREAKER When teams in any tier or division are tied for the number of wins in the final (official) of a play-off round-robin series, the tie-breaker procedure will be the same as for the regular season. Ties are not permitted in playoff games of Round Robin style playoff formats and no points are awarded for a tie in a round robin series.

Thanks to everyone and good luck in the playoffs.

1660 Hockey League

Posted on Fri, Feb 20, 2015

Gary Tremblay

On behalf of the 1660 Hockey League, I would like to pass on our condolences to the family of Gary Tremblay, who suddenly passed away on Sunday January 19th, 2015, at the age of 40. For many of us, it has been a privilege to know and work with Gary, either personally, or in one of his many volunteer roles. Gary's contribution to the world of sports and helping people is immeasurable with his many years as Leduc Minor Hockey's president, Referee, Coach, as well as his newest role with Hockey Alberta. Gary's positive outlook, guidance and wisdom will be missed. A trust fund for his children Zachary, Hayley and Cassidy, please follow the link below to donate. 

Tremblay Trust Fund 

1660 Hockey League
Posted on Tue, Jan 20, 2015

It's Just a Game!

Posted on Wed, Nov 19, 2014

Lisa Francioli Scholarship

Lisa Francioli - June 8, 1967 - March 23, 2011

In the early hours of Wednesday March 23, 2011, Lisa Francioli passed away. Lisa was an amazing person, Mother, Wife, Friend, Volunteer, Governor and President who will be sorely missed.  Lisa was our Peewee Senior Governor for the 2010-2011 hockey season and continued to help and support us with the new 1660 Hockey League right up until her passing.  On February 2nd, 2011 she informed us that she had to step down as her illness had returned.  In true Lisa form, she was more concerned with letting us down and the other people around her, than she was about herself.  A true inspiration to those she came into contact with!  In one of her final emails to the league executive she stated to us:

"Please take a lesson from me - there are more important things than hockey and as long as you have your priorities right you'll have no regrets" Lisa Francioli

Today, we are sure that there are no regrets, and maybe we all could learn from this great "life" advice.  Her contributions to this league and keeping this league together years ago will have an impact on us forever and never be forgotten!

Our thoughts and prayers remain with her family today and always!

At the 2011 annual general meeting the 1660 hockey league passed a motion to create the Lisa Francioli Sportsmanship scholarship.

Sportsmanship Scholarship Criteria
  • Played a minimum of 3 years of hockey in the 1660 Hockey League.
  • "Scholarships" will be available to one graduating Midget hockey player per year who is planning to attend university or college.
  • Submissions should include:
    • Letter of reference from Former Hockey Coach
    • Letter of reference from Academic Teacher
    • Penalty Minutes from previous 2 seasons.  Goals and assists will not be considered.
  • The Selection Committee will be made up of the following:
    • 1660: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary & Midget Senior Governor.
  • The Scholarship must be used within two summers of winning the award and it is not transferable.
  • The 1660 Hockey League will pay $250.00 when verification of registration and submission of the official receipts from the chosen school/camp are received by the 1660 Hockey League.
  • Applications are to be emailed to president@1660.ab.ca.  Deadline April 15th.
Posted on Wed, Mar 26, 2014

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