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Proposed Timeline 2016/2017 Season

Sep-10General Meeting, All Ice times due - 10am
Sep-21Preseason schedules released Tiers 1 & 2 all levels except Novice
Sep-28Preseason schedules released all other Tiers except Novice.
Oct-1Preseason begins all Tier 1 & 2 except Novice.
Oct-5Novice Preseason schedule released 6 weeks
Oct-7Preseason begins all other Atom, Peewee, Bantam and Midget Tiers.
Oct-15Preseason begins All Novice
Oct-16Preseason ends Tiers 1 & 2
Oct-17Tiering meeting Tiers 1 & 2
Oct-18Proposed tiering posted Tiers 1 & 2
Oct-21/23Final tiering games weekend for misplaced teams 
Oct-23Preseason ends all other Tiers
Oct-24Tiering meeting all other Tiers
Oct-25Proposed tiering posted all other Tiers
Oct-263 week regular season schedule released Tiers 1 & 2
Oct-28Regular season Begins Tiers 1 & 2
Oct-28/30Final tiering games weekend for misplaced teams 
Nov-2Regular season (3 week) schedule all other Atom, Peewee, Bantam and Midget Tiers
Nov-4Regular season begins all other Tiers
Nov-6Full schedule released Tiers 1 & 2.
Nov-13Full schedule released all other Tiers
Nov-16Last date for team movement Novice
Nov-19Full schedule released all Novice
Nov-20Novice preseason ends
Nov-25Novice Regular season begins
Dec-1Proposed playoff formats released
Jan-5Approved playoff formats released
Feb-19Regular season ends all leagues
Feb-20Playoffs begin all leagues
Mar-19Playoffs end all leagues
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