Lisa Francioli Scholarship

Lisa Francioli - June 8, 1967 - March 23, 2011

In the early hours of Wednesday March 23, 2011, Lisa Francioli passed away. Lisa was an amazing person, Mother, Wife, Friend, Volunteer, Governor and President who will be sorely missed.  Lisa was our Peewee Senior Governor for the 2010-2011 hockey season and continued to help and support us with the new 1660 Hockey League right up until her passing.  On February 2nd, 2011 she informed us that she had to step down as her illness had returned.  In true Lisa form, she was more concerned with letting us down and the other people around her, than she was about herself.  A true inspiration to those she came into contact with!  In one of her final emails to the league executive she stated to us:

"Please take a lesson from me - there are more important things than hockey and as long as you have your priorities right you'll have no regrets" Lisa Francioli

Today, we are sure that there are no regrets, and maybe we all could learn from this great "life" advice.  Her contributions to this league and keeping this league together years ago will have an impact on us forever and never be forgotten!

Our thoughts and prayers remain with her family today and always!

At the 2011 annual general meeting the 1660 hockey league passed a motion to create the Lisa Francioli Sportsmanship scholarship.

Sportsmanship Scholarship Criteria
  • Played a minimum of 3 years of hockey in the 1660 Hockey League.
  • "Scholarships" will be available to one graduating Midget hockey player per year who is planning to attend university or college.
  • Submissions should include:
    • Letter of reference from Former Hockey Coach
    • Letter of reference from Academic Teacher
    • Penalty Minutes from previous 2 seasons.  Goals and assists will not be considered.
  • The Selection Committee will be made up of the following:
    • 1660: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary & Midget Senior Governor.
  • The Scholarship must be used within two summers of winning the award and it is not transferable.
  • The 1660 Hockey League will pay $250.00 when verification of registration and submission of the official receipts from the chosen school/camp are received by the 1660 Hockey League.
  • Applications are to be emailed to president@1660.ab.ca.  Deadline April 15th.
Posted on Wed, Mar 26, 2014

1 Hockey Game + 2 Great Communities = Great Experience

Warburg Bantam Sharks vs Redwater Rush Bantam

All too often we send or receive notes and emails that are negative regarding the game of hockey. Here are two accounts of one game that we all can appreciate.

For one of the last regular season games, the Redwater Rush Bantams travelled out to play the Warburg Bantam Sharks, for their only match-up of the season, thinking it was just like any other game. With pink tape on their sticks, the teams headed on the ice. It was a great game; the teams fought hard, played well, and the game was enjoyed by the fans. As the teams were shaking hands, a young Warburg player skated up to a Redwater coach and inquired about the pink tape? The coach shared the story of how every player in Redwater Minor Hockey put pink tape on their stick in support of a local family who had two children in their association that recently lost their mother to cancer. The Warburg youth shared that they too, were sporting the pink tape in support of one of their mom's, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and asked if they would pose for a photo. Redwater's team was honored to participate in a picture to support such a great cause. Redwater has one of the few girls that play Bantam hockey, and unfortunately, it has left her open to some (colorfulĂ· name calling in the past. After the game Redwater's female player came off the ice raving how it was one of the best games she has ever played, the Warburg boys never called her any names and it was truly a fun game. The Warburg parents were no exception enjoying jovial banter with the Redwater parents in the lobby after the game.

February is a powerful month, with the Hair Massacre on February 14th and Pink Shirt - Anti Bulling Day, February 26th. In many communities it starts with one person, and over time it has grown into a heart-warming movement that raises awareness and lets our youth display with pride the amazing young people they can be.

These communities should be proud and blessed to have such amazing youths.

Posted on Wed, Feb 26, 2014

Please Remember!

The following was posted on CISN Country 103.9 facebook:

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